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(Miss. Code Ann. §93-21-25, §93-21-21)
Necessary for New Court Clerks – New Deputy Court Clerks – New Dispatchers/TAC Officers


  1. Domestic Abuse Protection Order Registry
    a. Protection Order Process Refresher
    b. Purpose of Registry and Gaining Access
    c. Sheriff’s Department TAC Responsibility
    d. Dispatch’s role in searching records and how to interpret the orders
  2. Uniform Offense Report
    a. Purpose of Offense Report
    b. Means of Accessing the Offense Report and Database
    c. Court Clerk’s role in searching records and entering information into an offense report
  3. Dispatch’s role in keeping officers safe

Court Clerks in the State of Mississippi – This important training is a 2.5 hour session and will provide clerks or deputy clerks in a Municipal, Justice, County, Circuit or Chancery Court with instructions on entering protection orders into the Protection Order Registry and entering   dispositions in misdemeanor and felony domestic violence matters into the Uniform Offense Report via the ReportBeam System. Any court clerk or deputy court clerk having duties related to entering civil or criminal protection orders into the MS Protection Order Registry within 24 hours or entering criminal dispositions into the MS Uniform Offense Report who has not previously received training or who would like a refresher should attend one of these sessions. The training will also provide a review of the paperwork and procedures associated with domestic abuse protection orders and laws related to domestic violence crimes.

Dispatchers/911/TAC Officers – All who have not attended training on the MS Protection Order Registry in the past and do not have a username and password or need a refresher need to attend.   This comprehensive database contains domestic violence history from all counties in Mississippi and provides safety information to law enforcement about an individual’s history and behavior restrictions on domestic abuse protection orders.


 Please contact Lark Johnson at 601-359-4892 or Catiffany Nicholson at 601-359-2205 if you have any questions or concerns.


Law Enforcement JusticeXchange: Criminal Information Sharing

Justice Exchange
Here is a helpful tool for certified law enforcement officers to help find suspects or witnesses. It’s offered free of charge to law enforcement officers only! Click on the Mississippi Association of Chiefs of Police web page or the image to the left and get registered. You may also download and share this JusticeExchange criminal information sharing program by clicking Law Enforcement Quick Start Guide for JusticeXchange.