Security Freeze

Freeze Your Credit

What Is a Security Freeze?

A “security freeze” is a consumer right provided by Mississippi law (Section 75-24-201), added effective July 1, 2007. If you have become a victim of identity theft, you can place a security freeze on your credit reports to block further access to your credit unless you have given your permission. This can prevent identity thieves from further damaging your credit by opening any new accounts or getting credit in your name.
A security freeze, also known as a credit or a file freeze, can be lifted (or “thawed”) temporarily when you are applying for credit, or removed permanently.

How a Security Freeze Works

· Once you’ve placed a security freeze on your credit, a creditor who asks to see your file will see a message that your file is frozen. The creditor will not see your credit score, and may treat your application as incomplete but not rejected.
· Government agencies collecting child support payments or taxes and your existing creditors, or collection agencies acting on their behalf, can continue to access your credit despite the freeze.
· Other creditors may also use your information to offer you pre-approved credit. You can stop most credit offers by calling (888) 5-OPT-OUT or visiting
You will still be able to get a free copy of your credit report at annually from each credit bureau.

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