Resources for Military Service Personnel and Families

Below are links to resources from the Mississippi Attorney General’s Office along with resources from other agencies who also help our men and women in the Armed Forces protect themselves and their families from unscrupulous practices that target them while they serve.

Pre-Deployment Tips
This page offers advice on steps to take before deployment to help protect military personnel and their families from unscrupulous practices and scam artists.

Watch Out for Scams!

Beware of Advance Fee Loans
Advance Fee Loans are often scams that target military personnel or their families. This page offers things to look for.

Scams that Target Military Personnel
This page lists a number of the most prevalent scams that target military personnel and their families.

Protect Your Identification and Good Credit Rating!

Security Freeze
Find out how to make sure no one else can access your information.

Active Duty Alert
Make sure your financial resources are aware of your status.

Comparing Active Duty Alerts and Security Freezes
Decide which protective measure fits your circumstances.

File a Complaint with our Consumer Protection Division

What to Know about Filing a Complaint with the Attorney General’s Office
This page provides valuable information to know before a member of the military or a military family member files a complaint, which will be filed with the AGO Consumer Protection Division.

FAQ’s about Filing Complaints
Some of the more common questions surrounding filing complaints by military personnel or family members are addressed on this page.

Consumer Protection Complaint Form
This is the form to be used by Military Personnel and Their Families to notify the Mississippi Attorney General’s Office of problems related to the topics mentioned in these resources. It is filed with the AGO Consumer Protection Division. 

Other Links

(Note: The services below are not under the auspices of the Mississippi Attorney General’s Office.)

Service Members Group Life Insurance (SGLI)
This is the link to information on affordable, reliable life insurance offered to military personnel. 

Stop Credit Offers
This link to the “Opt-Out Pre-Screen” group will help you avoid unsolicited offers of credit.

Free Credit Report
This link is to the only source for free credit reports which is authorized by Federal Law.

Place an Active Duty Alert with Equifax
his link will provide information on how to file an Active Duty Alert.

Soldiers and Sailors Relief Act
This site provides information on the financial protections guaranteed to military personnel and their families under Federal law.