Attorney General Takes Action Regarding Recent Cyber Warning

January 28, 2014

Attorney General Jim Hood is seeking ways to stop a disturbing trend of inappropriate internet postings on the popular social networking site Instagram.

The Attorney General’s office has recently received numerous complaints of false Instagram accounts being created specifically to post inappropriate pictures of local young girls with the purpose of making derogatory comments about them.  Many times, the postings will even name the school where those being “talked about” attend.

“We are investigating a trend of these postings about girls, primarily in central Mississippi,” said Attorney General Hood.   “This is different from the old high school slam book days where worst case the whole school saw what was written.  This electronic slamming escalates it to a whole new level, and one the world can see.  This is more than a foolish prank, and I hope Mississippians will join me in talking to our children and our teenagers about the long term implications of such actions.”

Attorney General Hood continued, “Investigators in the Cyber Crime Unit have already identified many of the male students responsible for the postings.  Although many of these cases will be handled in youth court, we are sending in Cyber Crime Unit investigators and attorneys into the schools with students involved in the postings to discuss these complaints directly with teachers, administrators and counselors.  We will develop an educational campaign for students and parents to try to prevent this activity in the future.”

Attorney General Hood concluded, “It depends upon the language contained in the postings as to which criminal law these type postings may violate.  We are reviewing these postings and consulting with youth court prosecutors and judges to see if we need legislative changes.”

Click here for a copy of potential charges related to this crime.

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