Attorney General Jim Hood Announces His 2016 Legislative Agenda

January 27, 2016

Attorney General Jim Hood today announced his 2016 legislative agenda.

“Our 2016 legislative agenda puts citizen safety at the forefront of this session, right where it belongs,” said Attorney General Hood.  “Our agenda prioritizes key issues such as better laws for child victims including child victims of human trafficking, and improvements to community safety by strengthening Mississippi’s Statewide Re-entry program along with initiatives which will help protect citizen’s personal information.”

Attorney General Hood’s legislative priorities include (in no specific order):

  • Strengthening Mississippi’s Statewide Re-Entry program:
    • Create Re-entry pilot program to help transition inmates from incarceration into society.
    • Including a Re-Entry program appropriation request.
  • Amend the definition of “abused child” in the Youth Court Act to include a child who has been a victim of human trafficking.
  • Create a statute that mandates what a law enforcement agency has to do when they receive a report of any missing child.
  • Grant wiretapping authority to the attorney general for certain crimes, including violations of the Human Trafficking Act.
  • Codify the appeals process for domestic violence protection orders.
  • Create the crime of indecent assault upon a competent adult to mirror existing crime of indecent assault up a vulnerable person.
  • Prohibit data mining by state contractors to protect citizens personal information.
  • Election Law Reforms
    • Clarify that candidates must detail credit card purchases on campaign finance reports.
    • Prohibition on personal use of campaign finance funds.
    • Disclaimers on political advertising.
    • Clarify that in all matters regarding elections, homestead exemption establishes a strong but rebuttable presumption of residency.
  • Create statewide certification for solar panel installers.
  • Restore prosecutor’s training assessment to $2.00 from $1.25 under traffic violations assessments.
  • Death penalty; provide for an alternative means of execution should the lethal injection drugs be unavailable or lethal injection itself be declared unconstitutional. Alternatives means includes nitrogen hypoxia, electrocution, or firing squad.
  • Exempt from the Public Records Act the identities of the state execution team as well as the lethal injection drug supplier.

Attorney General Jim Hood concludes, “Our legislative agenda will strengthen Mississippi by implementing the kinds of policies that improve the lives of our concerned citizens. I look forward to working with members of the legislature to move these proposals forward.”

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