Attorney General Hood Calls for Tamper-Resistant Generic Drugs

December 16, 2013

Attorney General Jim Hood is joining  41 other state and territorial attorneys general in sending a letter today to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) urging it to require manufacturers of generic prescription pain relievers  (opioids) to develop tamper-resistant versions of their products. Prescription drug abuse has reached epidemic levels in many states.

“We aren’t immune from this problem in Mississippi and I want us to be ahead of the curve in this battle,”  said Attorney General Hood.  “Ensuring that these generic drugs are in tamper resistant packaging, like their branded counterparts, is just a commonsense improvement to help our state fight prescription drug abuse.”

In their letter the attorneys general thanked the FDA for their recent efforts to require abuse-deterrent formulations for branded opioid drugs. However, they also urged the FDA to go even further by ensuring that generic opioids, like their branded counterparts, have abuse-deterrent properties.

“Accordingly, the undersigned State Attorneys General respectfully request that the FDA provide clear and fair regulatory standards for the incorporation of abuse-deterrent technologies into generic opioids,” reads the National Association of Attorneys General (NAAG) letter. Click Here for a copy of the letter.

Attorneys general remain in the national forefront combating prescription abuse by sponsoring prescription drug-take back efforts, spearheading legislative and law enforcement initiatives in their respective jurisdictions, and mandating state level prescription drug monitoring programs.

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