Military Personnel and Families: What to Know About Filing a Complaint

Before you file a complaint, read any relevant tips that appear on our website related to Military personnel and their families. This information can often help you avoid filing a complaint by resolving disputes and protecting yourself from future problems.

Complaints filed with the Attorney General’s Office by Military Personnel or their family members are filed with the Consumer Protection Division.

The Consumer Protection Division of the Attorney General’s Office enforces Mississippi’s consumer protection laws, which are aimed at preventing unfair or deceptive trade practices, including those aimed at individuals serving in the military.

Often, we learn about such practices only through complaints filed with the office. Thank you for taking the time to complete the complaint form.

What to Include With Your Complaint

When you submit your complaint, please ensure that you include legible COPIES of supporting documents you may have. Such documents include contracts, bills of sale, receipts, written estimates and repair orders for any repair problems; warranties, including any oral warranties or promises made about the condition of your car or other product; correspondence between you and the company, etc.
Please do NOT send originals. If you fail to send existing supporting documents it may delay processing of your complaint. Faxing your complaint may also delay processing if the paperwork you send is illegible.

You may enter the information on the Consumer Complaint Form and submit it electronically, or fill out the form on your computer and print it. You’ll need to mail supporting documents with a copy of the complaint.
You can also call us to request a Consumer Complaint form, or mail us the required information in the form of a letter. You can call us at 1-800-281-4418 toll free within Mississippi, or direct at (601) 359-4230 from outside of Mississippi.

Please provide all the information requested. Give us details about your complaint in the “Explanation” section and on additional sheets if necessary. Be sure to tell what happened, when it happened, and where it happened, and be specific about any oral statements the business made to you, especially those which influenced you to deal with the company. Try to be brief but thorough. Be sure to sign your name on the completed form.

For Automobile Complaints: please submit electronically or print the Consumer Complaint form. Include with your complaint the following documents and information:

  • Vehicle sales complaint: Please submit photocopies of the bill of sale, credit contract, and any correspondence relating to the problem.
  • Used-car warranty complaint: Please submit photocopies of the warranty, and describe in your explanation any oral warranties or promises made about the condition of the car.
  • Any car-repair complaint: Please submit photocopies of the repair orders or written estimates.

What Happens to Your Complaint Once We Receive It?

Once we receive your complaint and supporting documents, we review it, and, in most cases, forward it to the business complained about for response. You’ll receive copies of all correspondence. We will work with you and the business to try to resolve your dispute.

If the complaint falls within the jurisdiction of another local, state, or federal agency, we may refer your complaint to that agency.

If we cannot find a mutually satisfactory resolution, we may suggest that you consider filing an action in Justice Court or consulting with a private attorney. Certain complaints that involve contractual disputes or disputes of the facts can be resolved only by the courts.

In cases where consumers’ complaints show a pattern of illegal business practices, we may take legal action to enforce the law on behalf of the public.

Although we try to assist all consumers, the fact that we may not be able to directly assist you does not mean your complaint isn’t valid. Each complaint remains a part of our files and may be useful to other consumers in that it may provide additional information about their complaint. It will also help us to monitor questionable business practices and to set priorities for enforcement efforts and legislative recommendations.

Important Information
This office does not have the authority to give private legal advice or provide private legal representation to individual consumers.
This office generally does not become involved in matters that are scheduled or have already been heard in a court of law or have already been closed by the agency with proper jurisdiction.

Documents provided to this office may be public records.

We Can Help
Complete the Consumer Complaint Form  or call 1-800-281-4418 within Mississippi or 601-359-4230 for assistance if you are elsewhere. If you need to mail information to us, please use the following address:

Consumer Protection
Attorney General’s Office
P.O. Box 22947
Jackson Ms 39225-2947

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