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With media reports changing by the hour, school closures and event cancellations increasing, and reduced product availability at our local grocery stores, it is easy to understand how anxious many people feel in the midst of the current Coronavirus emergency.

I know it can be difficult to feel calm under these circumstances, particularly if you or a loved one are in a population especially vulnerable to the virus by virtue of health status or age or are in a population at increased risk of exposure, such as a health worker or first responder. In an effort to help us all take the steps to keep ourselves, our families, and our communities healthy and safe, I will be posting daily tips on my social media and I encourage you to follow me on Facebook , Instagram , and Twitter. They will include tips for proper social distancing and improved hygiene from the CDC, for consumer protection during the state of emergency, and more.

As a member of the Governor’s committee for Coronavirus Preparedness and Response Planning, I want to assure you, as well, that our office remains fully operational and ready to assist Mississippi citizens and businesses throughout this situation. We take our mission as the State’s law firm very seriously and the lawyers and professionals of the Attorney General’s Office remain committed to our service to the State. These fine public servants will, of course, experience some of the same disruptions to their work-life balance that so many Mississippians will experience in the coming weeks, including sudden and extended school closures, and we ask for your patience as we work to serve your needs during this period.

We continue to develop our new website to share information about the important work of this office and expect it to be live soon. In the meantime, you can still access information about programs of the Attorney General’s Office, as well as archived Attorney General opinions, on former-Attorney General Jim Hood’s website by clicking here.

In addition to visiting my new website regularly, I hope you will also sign up for my biweekly email newsletter by clicking here. It is an honor and a privilege to serve as your Attorney General

Lynn Fitch
Attorney General
State of Mississippi