Order Dismissing Petition for Domestic Abuse Protection Order

This order is for use in circumstances in which the petitioner fails to appear for the designated hearing, or requests that
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Order Denying Petition for Domestic Abuse Protection Order and Assessing Costs to Petitioner

This order is for use after a hearing in which the court makes specific findings that the petition was without merit
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Order to Amend Domestic Abuse Protection Order

This form is for use when a hearing has been held, a temporary protective order has been issued, and the order
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Notice of Bond with Conditions

This form is used by the judge when imposing conditions on the bond following an arrest for an act of domestic
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Sexual Assault Payment Policy

Download the Sexual Assault Payment Policy.

Gun Ordinance & Sign Complaint Form

View the HB314 Procedures for Gun complaint and download the Gun complaint form. HB314 Procedures Gun Complaint Gun Complaint Form

Crime Victim Criminal Appeal Process Notification Form

If you have a case pending before the MS Court of Appeals or the Supreme Court and would like to be
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Adolescent Adult Examination Form

Download this form.
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