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R.Frieson_Jan.6, 2017 – Payment of Part-time Police Officers

J.Hooks_Jan.6, 2017 – Clarification of Opinion regarding Ad Valorem Request by School District

P.Teeuwissen_Jan.6, 2017 – Expenditure of Drug Court Funds

H.Adams_Jan.6, 2017 – MCA Section 27-37-307

J.Danos_Jan.6, 2017 – Establishing Classifications for utility rates

J.Danos_Jan.13, 2017 – Adjustment of water bill

W.J.Halford,Jr._Jan.13, 2017 – Multi-County Fire Protection Grading Districts

G.Carmichael_Jan.13, 2017 – Authority of municipality to reduce speed limit

D.Bassi_Jan.20, 2017 – Enterprise Vehicle Lease-purchase

P.Tutor_Jan.20, 2017 – Waiver of penalties and interest on delinquent personal property taxes

A.DeGruy_Jan.20, 2017 – Effect of Senate Bill 2362 (2016 Regular Session) on Expenditures by the State Public Defender

S.Vance_Jan.20, 2017 – Distribution of privilege tax proceeds pursuant to Section 27-19-11

B.Miller_Jan.20, 2017 – Changing from a ward election system to an at-large system; municipal election commissioners; law enforcement

A.Custom_Jan.20, 2017 – Compensation of municipal election commissioners

J.Brown_Jan.20, 2017 – Authority of County to Purchase School Building and Operate a Water Park

M.Ritchie_Feb.3, 2017 – Mississippi Commission for Volunteer Service

G.Yarborough_Feb.3, 2017 – Sale of Community Hospital – Stalking Horse Process

N.Manley_Feb.3, 2017 – Sale of Firearms Pursuant to Section 97-37-3

A.Amos_Feb.3, 2017 – Water Bills C.Dickinson_Feb.3, 2017 – Nepotism

O.Trainer_Feb.10, 2017 – Referendum on sale or lease of community hospital

C.Hemphill_Feb.10, 2017 – Public Records Act

E.Fair_Feb.10, 2017 – Collection of Municipal Taxes by the County

M.Currier_Feb.10, 2017 – Mississippi On-Site Wastewater Disposal System Law

Rep.Sanford_Feb.10, 2017 – Separation of Powers

P.Abide_Feb.10, 2017 – Delegation of duties to Chief Administrative Officer

J.Walker_Feb.10, 2017 – Accrual and donation of leave time of municipal employees

J.Walker_Feb.10, 2017 – Disposal of Personal Property

C.Hemphill_Feb.17, 2017 – Supervisor serving as auxiliary deputy sheriff

P.Pettit_Feb.17, 2017 – Changing from five to three aldermen

D.Allison_Feb.17, 2017 – Bail Bonds

J.Harness_Feb.17, 2017 – Municipal Executive Committee

L.Hahn_Feb.17, 2017 – City of Columbia

L.Jackson_Feb.17, 2017 – Procurement of insurance-related services

L.Williams_Feb.17, 2017 – MS Workers’ Compensation Commission’s duty to fund and administer the Administration Expense Fund and the Second Injury Fund

W.Johnson_Feb.17, 2017 – Authority of Jackson Housing Authority to be Contract Administrator for the Vicksburg Housing Authority

B.Williams_Feb.17, 2017 – Incentive payment to hospital administrator



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