Summary of Recent Opinions

March 31, 2014  | 

J.Miller  Nov.21, 2014 – Property clean up

J.Brown  Nov.21, 2014 – Expenditure of Funds to Support Mayor’s Youth Council

W.Dowdy  Nov.21, 2014 – Collection of Tourism Tax after Proposed Annexation

W.Lauderdale_Dec.1, 2014 – Authority of Board of Supervisors to pay Asst. District Attorneys pursuant to Section 25-31-36

H.Sanders  Dec.1, 2014 – Juvenile Detention Center

A.Turnage  Dec.1, 2014 – Justice Court Jurisdiction of Grand Jury Remand

D.Mosley  Dec.1, 2014 – Personnel actions – Senate Bill 1485, 2014 Regular Session

H.Brock  Dec.1, 2014 – Attorneys’ Fees and Costs for Election Contest Sen.

Harkins  Dec.1, 2014 – Coroner’s authority under Miss. Code Ann. Section 41-39-143

K.Turner  Dec.4, 2014 – Initiative Petition

S.Ferguson  Dec.5, 2014 – Service by Alderman as Chief of Police

J.Dunn  Dec. 5, 2014 – Authority of county to budget and contract with a nonprofit organization to administer a housing program

R.Shoulders  Dec.5, 2014 – Removal of Dilapidated Buildings

T.Flanagan  Dec.5, 2014 – Greenwood Utilities Commission

R.Quimby  Dec.5, 2014 – Authority of county to perform work and compensate landowners for subsequent damage pursuant to Section 19-5-92.1

Faneca  Dec.12, 2014 – Gulfport-Biloxi Regional Airport Authority

Murdock  Dec.11, 2014 – Termination of Water Service for Failure to Pay Tap Fee in Full

Jones  Dec.12, 2014 – ATV’s, Bicycles, Hover Round Chairs, Lawn Mowers and a Private Pumping Station

Simmons  Dec.12, 2014 – American Correctional Association

Andrews  Dec.12, 2014 – Ad valorem tax collection for newly annexed area of the City of Columbus

Hammack  Dec.12, 2014 – Forfeiture Gambling Proceeds

Murdock  Dec.12, 2014 – Physical fitness

J.Miller  Dec.18, 2014 – Property Clean Up

F.Phillips  Dec.19, 2014 – Felon Serving on County Party Exectuive Committee

W.Dowdy  Dec.19, 2014 – Lease or sale of hospital by the County

C.Powell  Dec.19, 2014 – E-911 Funds

M.Willoughby  Dec.19, 2014 – Incentive payments

J.Belue  Dec.19, 2014 – Payment of Accrued Personal Leave

J.Edwards  Dec.19, 2014 – Victim Impact Panel – DUI

J.Webb  Dec.19, 2014 – Authority of County to Appropriate General Funds to a Private Hospital

J.Miller  Dec.19, 2014 – Property Clean Up

C. Brown  Dec.30, 2014 – Campaign Contributions

R.Noble  Jan.9, 2015 – Homestead Exemption Reimbursement

J.Christopher  Jan.9,2015 – Employment of Alderman by Municipal School District

R.Quimby  Jan.9,2015 – Annually updating the zoning map

J.Mayo  Jan.9,2015 – Early and Periodic Screening and Diagnostic Treatment Program

S.Jackson  Jan.9 2015 – Police Officer and Deputy Court Clerk



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