May 30, 2013  | 

Chief of Staff Geoffrey Morgan brings to the office his many years of practical legal experience, having begun his legal career in 1976 as a private practitioner in a small Mississippi town. His years as a public servant and as an outstanding litigator in the Attorney General’s Civil Division make Mr. Morgan a tremendous asset to the office. He handles office personnel issues and provides counsel to the Attorney General on a wide range of legal issues.

The Attorney General is ably assisted in the daily workings of the office by Delisa Jones, Executive Assistant to the Attorney General. She manages the General’s schedule, appointments and speaking engagements. She answers inquiries from elected officials and the general public, and she works closely with the staff at the National Association of Attorneys General to coordinate General Hood’s involvement with issues of national importance to prosecutors.

Cindy Burnham brings her experience of over twenty seven years of state service to her position as Assistant to the Chief of Staff. Ms. Burnham worked with Human Services before beginning with the Attorney General in 1989. As part of her duties, Ms. Burnham oversees the schedule and correspondence for the Chief of Staff and assists him as needed in his work. She also assists citizens with complaints and questions via office email, and handles outside counsel contracts through the SPAHRS system.


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